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I just got back from the most magical trip to Turks and Caicos. My husband and I really don’t take trips just the two of us; we both come from such big families that during our dating and engaged years we would travel with them, and then since I got pregnant so fast after our wedding, we never got to take a Honeymoon. So, this trip was a ‘babymoon’ and ‘honeymoon’ all crammed into one. It was a four day, 3 night get-away to the Gansevoort Turks + Caicos, where we slept 10 hours a night, worked out {I even did Exhale Spa Core Fusion classes!}, tanned all day pool-side or on the beach, and ate meals of endless seafood.

Since we spent ALL DAY in the sun, I wanted to maintain a good balance of soaking up vitamin D while staying protected. Since my hair is blonde, I am EXTRA crazy about it getting too much sun because 1. it gets dried out and damaged and 2. it oxidizes, messing up my highlights! So I was sure to pack the best Sun Protection Products as well as Post-Sun Care Products.

Whether you are prepping for summer sunshine or have a vacation planned, this list will keep your hair and skin looking fab all summer long!

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