Fall Cheeseboard

Fall Cheese Board 

Another season, another cheese board for the occasion. I am in love with this cheese board display I assembled in our family room to kick off Fall. So today I wanted to change things up and share some tips for creating this display! Enjoy!!

Step 1: The Perfect Board

For Fall I am swapping my acrylic trays for anything wood – giving my board more of a rustic feel! I am obsessed with the company ETU Home and their gorgeous reclaimed wood boards – the one I used here is their Pine Rectangular Charcuterie Board.

Lately I am all about large / oversized boards so there is tons of space for cheeses and spreads and nut bowls. FH Tip: If you chose a large board and then feel like your board looks too empty once you are finished, accessorize around the outskirts of your board with mini pumpkins and lots of eucalyptus!!

Step 2: Choose 3 cheeses

This is a rule I follow year round, but felt I should reiterate! I always like to have three cheeses on my board. Ideally one classic option, one soft option, and one exotic or seasonal option. Today I chose:

  • White Cheddar (classic)
  • Brie (soft)
  • Goat cheese with thyme (seasonal – love the green!!)

Step 3: Prep Work

If you want to serve any hard cheeses, (ie. here the cheddar), I recommend pre slicing or buying cubed cheese (or cutting yourself!!). Not only will it will make your board more guest-friendly, but I hate to watch guests struggle to cut big pieces and make a big mess!! 

Step 4: Fall Feels 

I am all about those “Fall accessories.” Here I had a lot of fun with eucalyptus, tucking sprigs along the outsides of the board – doesn’t it look so nice? Next I love little pumpkins this time of year whether sprinkled alongside (like I did around my coffee table) or on top of the actual board mixed in with the display.

Step 5: Serving Accessories

Lastly, don’t forget your cheese knives, small plates, and a small bowl for olive pits!

Hope you enjoyed these tip!! Cheers to Fall!!

Shop the look:

What I love most about today’s board is that it is matched back to a gorgeous assortment of mercury pumpkins. I can’t wait to share more of how we are decorating out home in my upcoming Fall Decor posts. See last year’s displays here.

Focusing on today’s board,

Photography by Yesi of Simply Lively