Reese’s Bedroom

In honor of the new year I wanted to give Reese’s room a refresh!! New bedding, new accessories, new organization! I posted some of the photos of the finished product on my instagram and got so many comments that I wanted todo a dedicated blog post to the space. For those of you who have asked where the various pieces of furniture are from, I linked them all here. Welcome to the pretty pink palace fit for a princess!

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Reese’s bed is the Blythe Bed from Pottery Barn Kids which Reese loves because it has a trundle and I because of the elegant detailing. The actual size of the bed is a twin. She has had the bed since she was three years old and each year I like to update a few pillows or bedding, so to update the bedding this go around, I refreshed the bedding and pillows at Homegoods. A chenille pink blanket and adorable unicorn pillows were my favorite finds. Above the bed I hung a cluster of paper lanterns and pom poms {here is a similar option on Amazon}. Lastly, I am a sucker for anything embroidered, so I placed this sweet pillow {farthest right} with Reese’s initials on the bed as well {and linked a similar option below!}.

Reese’s bedside table actually came from our old guest bedroom, and was an amazing find on Overstock!! The lamp is a glossy ceramic lamp with gold hearts from Target. The glass unicorn piggy bank was another Homegoods find and the little unicorn stuffed animal is Jelly Cat. In order to make her room look elegant and de-cluttered, I put all of her crazy colorful stuffed animals and toys in a couple of cute baskets on her bookshelf {not shown here}.

Reese is very into doing makeup and hair for herself and her dolls so I thought creating a sweet vanity and dress up area would be perfect for the opposite end of the room. I placed her Pottery Barn Kids Madeline Play Vanityย next to a small nightstand which I used to organize all of her doll clothes, brushes, and makeup. As you know all of that stuff can be quite messy so I loved having drawers to hide it all away. The floor mirror was another Homegoods find {my favorite find of all!!} and the pink couldn’t be a better match!!

The last items I have to mention are the Carolina Large Play Table and chairs from Pottery Barn Kids {which she uses daily to color and do homework}… and she has used this table from age three to six and probably will use it all year through kindergarten! The customized wooden bench from Damhorst Toys, which all of my kids have received when born, is always a popular item!! It’s so cute for a bathroom stool to a potty stool, and more! And lastly, I love the look of layering a small circular rug over a central play space in a room {even in a carpeted room!!}. This pink circular rug which is no longer available, but I found some incredibly similar options to shop below!! We are so happy with these updates!!

Photography by Yesi of Simply Lively