Big Announcement

Baby Gluck // Baby Gluck //

This New Year’s Eve Celebration was extra special, because just the day before New Year’s I received my test results back that I am 13 weeks pregnant with healthy Baby #2 {See my official announcement picture on Instagram}.

I have had so much happiness and good fortune to reflect back on this past year, starting this past January with the birth of Baby Gluck, enjoying her growing and ever-expanding sense of style, celebrating my first wedding anniversary, and seeing the magic of growth on Fashionable Hostess – from my press to my social media! I can’t imagine how 2014 will top this year, but all I know is I am so grateful for my family, friends, and supporters, because without you I wouldn’t be nearly the person I am today!

Looking forward to a BIG year! Stay tuned….

Mom and Baby Picture // Fashionable Hostess Mom // Baby Gluck & Fashionable Hostess // Baby Gluck Standing // Mommy Baby Love // Baby Gluck + Fashionable Hostess // Mommy + Baby Play // Amanda Saiontz Gluck + Baby Gluck // So Big!  // Snuggle Time // Baby Gluck in Zara Baby // Baby clapping // Reese Ella Gluck  //