Plan a ‘Shabby Chic’ Baby Shower

Shabby Chic

A reader of mine wrote in asking for assistance in throwing an upcoming baby shower in Atlanta. She asked me where to buy paper products in pink and white ikat (which I love!!) as well as any other planning advice for “pretty” and “chic” details. As I began browsing the web, I realized that baby shower party supplies can be VERY corny and VERY baby.  In an effort to make it more trendy and grown-up, I found it crucial to think “color” rather than “baby”. Worried it’s not baby enough? It is easy to add in the BABY element at the end with a welcome sign that reads “Courtney’s baby shower” or a few baby balloons! Trust me, nothing is tackier than baby diaper decals exploding all over the place.

My creation (see above) which I am naming a “Shabby Chic Baby Shower” incorporates everything pretty, sweet, and girly. I made sure to pay attention to the details…. Flowers, candy, drinks (virgin mock-tini’s and lemonade are perfect!), and gifts that tie the whole theme together.  Below I give a run-down of everything I selected, and Courtney, thanks so much for this task…  I had a little too much fun envisioning my own girly baby shower in the process (Don’t get too excited readers… my baby shower will be gender-neutral since the sex of my baby is a surprise!!)

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