Organize your Boots

Winter Shoe Closet

If you haven’t swapped out your sandals and ballet flats for boots and booties, it is time to get your priorities in order! It is officially Fall and chilly, so there is no sense in freezing those toes (and for you warmer states, it is time to pretend it is chilly and be on trend!)

One issue I always find when organizing my boots each season is that after being stowed away all spring and summer, they have become mis-shaped or smooshed in the toes and totally flopped over in the leg. When I start organizing them in my closet, the whole thing looks like a huge mess (not to mention, impossible to sort through) because boots are flopped all over the place! So, how do you clean up this mess and get your fall boots looking organized, while re-shaping those toes all at a minimal budget? I have just the solution!

  1. No need to invest in expensive wooden toe inserts or shoe shapers! Simply take a pair of thick winter socks and shove them into the toe area nice and tight… after a few days they will be good as new! (Not to mention next time you go to wear the shoe, your socks are already picked out for you! AND, this saves you room in your sock drawer! Double win!)
  2. Purchase : “Women’s Boot Shapers” from Bed Bath and Beyond for $6.99. They give your boots sturdiness in the leg to stand up on their own, or they even have a optional hanger if you choose to hang your boots rather than sit them on a shelf!
  3. Problem solved! Next step…. arrange your shelves by high boots, low boots, day-time comfortable booties, and evening fancy booties! Getting ready for any occasion will now be a breeze… the only tough part will be choosing which to go with! Enjoy!

Falling over bootsFill in the toe with thick socksFill with Boot standsFill in your second bootBoots stand on their own!Go through your boots one by oneStack them in rowsPerfect boots!