Host the Perfect Backyard Picnic

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Now that we have a backyard there’s nothing my kids love more than spending time out back in the sunshine. Whether it’s playing with bubbles, chasing each other for a game of tag, or our latest favorite, enjoying a lunch picnic, we are always finding ways to spend the afternoon out there. So I was thrilled when one of our favorite baby brand’s Munchkin wanted to partner to capture a snapshot of our latest adventure. Already a loyal user of their flip straw cups, the kiddies {and myself} quickly fell in love with their apple shaped platesjuice box holders, and endless other goodies that were perfect to take on the go.

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To prep for our picnic I quickly got busy in the kitchen. Always looking to make a healthy spread for my kids, I decided to make whole wheat organic grilled cheese sandwiches. No crust, no problem. I love to use my cookie cutters as a guide to cut their little sandwiches into hearts and stars! Then I love Munchkins snack catcher cups for smaller snacks rather than plastic baggies which quickly spill everywhere. I filled them with yummy snacks of cut up grapes, salt-free pretzels, and raisins.

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Then it was time to hit the green. We laid our gingham picnic blanket on a shady spot, got out our plates for our sandwiches, and we kept our waters on ice in a large ice bucket. I also threw in a few peaches because I always like for my kids to try new things {Brooks who just turned one I realized had never had a ‘whole’ peach before}. Well, after one bite he was hooked, and literally devoured the entire thing. Thankfully we were able to snatch it away before he got to the pit! Once we were done, we sat and played a game of stacking the left over plates. It is always the sweetest to watch them play together.

Picnic with Munchkin by Fashionable Hostess9Picnic with Munchkin by Fashionable Hostess - Munchkin Sippy CupsPicnic with Munchkin by Fashionable Hostess7Picnic with Munchkin by Fashionable Hostess14

It was such a sweet afternoon and I am so glad Munchkin could be a part of it. Munchkin rids the world of the mundane by developing clever, innovative solutions that make family life safer, easier, and more fun. You can find Munchkin products at Munchkin.comTargetBabies’R’UsWalmart, and Amazon. It’s the little things!

Thank you to Munchkin for sponsoring this post.