9 Month Baby: Baby Vest Trend

Mommy and Baby wearing vests

My favorite baby clothes are the brands I wear made in miniature {see other mini outfits on the FHB here}. So when I was visiting my family in Nashville two weeks ago and saw this ridiculously cute Patagonia Retro-X Vest in Infant I nearly passed out over how cute it was and couldn’t wait for a chilly fall day so we could whip it out. I decided on her first day wearing it that we needed to do a mommy-baby vest photo shoot to capture her stylishness.

Playful Fall styled baby  on

Baby Gluck of course was ready to “rise to occasion”- and I mean literally, because now at eight months old she is climbing to stand on everything we own. Even here she decided to show off her standing while out on our patio, of course holding on to mommy’s hands! Ugh remember when she was just sitting up on her own {here}! Much less exciting compared to the FHB, I am also wearing a vest but in fur. A fur vest is the number one investment item I recommend for Fall, because it works for seriously every occasion – work, play, date night, events, travel {See other Fall WishList items here}. Today I paired it over a casual sweater but you can easily easily use it to dress up a look over a silk button down blouse or sexy dress!

Cutest baby reaching Happy baby in a cozy winter hat and Patagonia Vest

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Standing at 8 months, So proud!

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    1. Hey Lauren! My vest is Zara and my sweater is from Gilt Group {eek not sure which brand!!} Thanks for the compliment on the FHB, pretty cute 🙂 xx

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