Labor Day Party Ideas & Festive Cheese Board

Labor Day Party Time

After doing a poll on my instagram asking what your plans are for Labor Day, I found that the majority of you will be entertaining outside or poolside, that you prefer to serve wine, beer, or champagne over cocktails, and that Patriotic decor is not a priority. I took all these things to heart and created a post with a few ideas that are in line with these responses. Hoping you get a good few party ideas for the weekend!!

The Cheese Board

I know you voted against American Flags (been there done that x2 with 4th of July and Memorial Day) but I couldn’t resist including just a bit of “Patriotism” by making star Bries (which is so easy with my star cookie cutters!). Of course my cheese board has the usual accoutrements: sliced and diced cheddar cheese, salami, two types of crackers, but because most of you will be outdoors, I did tons of fruit: grapes, raspberries, blueberries, strawberries, and mint for garnish which smells so fresh.

Prosecco with a Twist

So you may not be in the mood to get out the cocktail shaker but that doesn’t mean your drinks need to be boring!! I diced strawberries and fresh mint and sprinkled equal parts into my coupe glasses before topping with prosecco! Feel free to serve with ice too if its a super hot day! The garnish adds a bit of color, but I especially love that the mint gives it that refreshing taste without adding sugar!!

Rattan Vases

I know what you are thinking… those aren’t rattan vases, those are rattan purses! Well you are right! I bought a few too many rattan bags this summer – hey, it was a trend!! So I figured why not give them one more week of life before trading them in for my Fall bags and use them as vases!! Simply place a real (small) vase inside the bags to keep your flowers hydrated and display!!

Hope you enjoyed these little tips!! Hoping you have a fab long weekend!

Photography by Fashionable Hostess