Halloween Spooky Snack Board

Halloween Sweet Snack Board

You know I love whipping up party boards all year long, so I was super excited to whip up something over-the-top sweet and just a bit spooky for Halloween! This *sweet* snack board is perfect for your Halloween dessert table for kids and adults, and what I love is that you can have the kids help with all the little DIY elements (details below!). The finishing touch (my favorite part) are these creepy spiders crawling their way across the board. Here’s a closer look at the board!!


To make the “Spooky Oreos” I started by melting white chocolate and dipping the top of my oreos into the chocolate. Then right away before the chocolate dries, I placed two candy eyeballs for eyes and a brown m&m for the mouth. For my “Zombie Rice Crispies” I dipped the top 1/3 of my mini rice crispy treats into melted white chocolate and then placed mini candy eyes at the top. For my “Prankenstein Pretzels” I drizzled melted white and dark chocolate over pretzel chips. Then I alternated placing one large candy eyeball and two to three small candy eyeballs on the pretzels (so they look like silly monsters!). Once all my treats had hardened, I got to work assembling the board.

I made the theme black and white, so I chose only black and white treats, like oreos, hershey bars, and chocolate m&ms. The icing on the cake were my spooky spiders that I placed crawling their way across the board!

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