Fiesta Bridal Shower

Styled by Cassandra Clair of Event Prep

Fiesta Bridal Shower

I am so excited to share this gorgeous and bright “Fiesta” themed Bridal Shower created by Cassandra Clair of Event Prep. Colorful florals, a Build-Your-Own Nachos Wall, and of course, margaritas, made this such a festive and fun event.  Some other fab details include the custom painted maracas which served as name cards and the beautiful letter pressed menus.

Cassandra Clair of Event Prep shares, “When styling a party, I always love to display edibles in a fun and memorable way because we all know the way to most people’s hearts is their stomach!  Between the nacho station, tacos served in DIY tassel trays, churros, sugar cookies and key lime cake, our guests were treated to a spread that was perfect for this fiesta.”

This fiesta is bound to leave you full of inspiration! Read on for more photos and an interview with Cassandra Clair on the way she entertains!!


FH: Tell me a quick bio of how you came to start Event Prep.

Cassandra Clair: Hi! I’m Cassandra Clair from Event Prep.  If you ask my family, they will say I was destined to build a career in event planning. My dad often tells me stories of how when I was a little girl I would throw parties for my Barbie dolls. He laughed when I had asked him to go to the bakery to get a real cake so it could be a “true” celebration. After all, Heaven is in the details! Since then, my love for bringing family and friends (and Barbies) together to make memories has never faded, and I’ve learned that it all starts with an atmosphere where they feel comfortable and details that make them feel special. I knew I could help others create these special moments and memories – and have a ball doing it too!

FH: How would you describe your blog or company? 

Cassandra Clair: Event Prep embodies my love for celebrating – whether it be a major life milestone or simply spending time with loved ones – it’s cause for celebration!  As a boutique company, I’m able to give each client the time and attention they deserve and to cater my services to their own individual needs.   Throughout the last two years I’ve expanded my brand to share stylish entertaining ideas for those who look to host at home but aren’t quite sure where to start. My goal is to always create unique, but attainable, ideas where a reader may say “I would have never thought of that but now that I see it, I could recreate it at my own party.”

Build-Your-Own Nachos wall

FH: What is your entertaining style? Traditional, Contemporary, Seasonal?

Cassandra Clair: I would describe my personal entertaining style as a marriage of traditional elements with playful feminine details.  I find inspiration from all sorts of places and I feel that my entertaining style is always evolving and changes as the seasons do.

FH: How often do you entertain and what do you like most about being the Hostess of your party?

Cassandra Clair: As a wedding and event planner, I spend a lot of my weekends throughout the year serving my clients and their families. The one time I will not budge on quality time with my own family is the holidays and that’ll always be my favorite time to host a party of my own or help my Mother-in-Law prepare for a gathering for the whole family. Being a hostess is a LOT of work but it’s always worth it when the payoff is time spent with family and friends (new and old!) gathered around a table enjoying conversation and a meal together.

Colorful Florals

FH: Do you have a go-to recipe or dish or cocktail?

Cassandra Clair: I do enjoy cooking, but when hosting a gathering a lot of my time is dedicated to the decor and styling, so I’m a huge fan of delicious but simple recipes that can be creatively displayed so it still creates a “wow” factor.  For example, I loved the concept of our “build-your-own nacho bar” for this celebration. It was low-maintenance for me as the hostess but it also served as an interactive way for guests to dine and ultimately created conversation. Two things you’ll always find at my parties are a great dessert display from a local bakery and a custom cocktail!

FH: Did something inspire you for today’s table?

Cassandra Clair: I often come across an item, design element or idea that really grabs ahold of me and I like to build out my design from there. In this case it was the beautiful and colorful print of the Nuage table linen. It captivated me and I wanted to play with it from the second I saw it!

Margarita Time

FH: What’s your favorite element in today’s tablescape?

Cassandra Clair: I mentioned I was inspired by the table linen, but when everything came together my favorite detail ended up being one that was frivolous but was SO fun – the maracas.  Whether for myself or for a client I love implementing personalized details into the party as a treat for both the host and guest! These maracas served as a place card as well as a fun favor that guests could take with them to remember the occasion.

FH: If you could give one party tip for readers what would it be?

Cassandra Clair: When it comes time to plan a celebration, take a walk around your home first before heading to the store and you will probably finds item you can use creatively to help set the atmosphere at the party.  I love how a throw blanket can be used as a table linen to create a cozy vibe or a vintage dresser can help set the scene for a gorgeous dessert display.

Dessert Details

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Photography by Amanda Collins Photography