Detox Mode

Healthy Recipes to try in 2021

Re-setting Goals in 2021

After yesterday’s poll on Instagram I found many of you are focusing on health in 2021 and are currently in “Detox Mode.” First of all, let me say congrats because after the year we have had, it’s hard to stay focused on yourself and good health, so bravo for making yourself a priority.

I had made goals for 2021 based more on fitness and strength (I need more muscle!!) and while I am overall a healthy eater, I usually just eat what’s around or what I am making for my kids, rather than being focused on what I am making for myself!! So while I didn’t start the year with the goal of eating healthier, you guys have definitely inspired me, so THANK YOU!!!

My new 2021 goal will be to add a few healthy recipes to my diet each week (with a focus on veggies and proteins!!). I love finding new recipes on Pinterest board, but in the meantime, I did want to share some recipes that I have made over the years that are healthy and delicious!! Here they are…

Detox Waters linked here.

Healthy dips linked here.

Homemade Yogurt Popsicles linked here.

Paleo Eggplant Bruschetta linked here.

Strawberry Chia Seed Pudding linked here.

Quinoa Kale Cakes linked here.

White Bean Salad linked here.

Chicken Mango Curry Cous Cous linked here.

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