Baby Fashion

Romping Around

February 28, 2016
Since leaving Nashville we have been living at my mom’s house while our new home is undergoing a bit of renovation. I have to admit that I go over there a minimum of three times a day to check up on the workers and see what’s been done… to say that I am excited is an understatement! So when the...

February Blues

February 14, 2016
Happy Valentine’s Day Loves!! We are spending the day outside enjoying the Miami sunshine! Moving from Nashville to Miami mid-winter has been a complete 180 for our wardrobe and we are thrilled about it. We’ve tossed the heavy jackets in lieu of short sleeves and sweet dresses. Of course that meant some shopping was in order. For today’s outing, I absolutely...

My sweetest Valentine

January 29, 2016
In preparation of Valentine’s Day I decided to spend an afternoon decorating cupcakes with Reese to hand out to friends from school. I have been buying fun Valentine’s cake decorations and sprinkles for weeks, so it was fun to take out all our goodies and get to work. It was too sweet that me and my mini sous chef matched for our cupcake date in blue...
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