Bugaboo Cameleon 3

Choosing your Stroller

Bugaboo Cameleon 3

When choosing your first stroller, there is A LOT of thought that goes into it… especially for someone like myself who lives in New York City and basically considers their stroller to be their main method for transporting their child to just about anywhere since I don’t have a car! The sorts of things that went through my head in the process were… What style do I like? How much does it weigh? Is it compatible with a car seat? Does it work for infants through toddler?  How wide is it (a classic New Yorker question – because we have to consider getting through elevators, store fronts, etc). After much hard thought, I decided to go with what my grandmother referred to as the “Cadillac of Strollers,” ie. The Bugaboo Cameleon 3. For someone outside of New York who plans to toss a stroller into their trunk for the occasional outing, this may not be for you, but for someone who needs a fabulous quality stroller that sits parked in their foyer ready to go out everyday, this is totally up your alley. Here are some of the highlights I loved about the stroller that got me hooked.

  • The stroller comes in the shape of a bassinet {perfect for your swaddled newborns first outings outside}.
  • The bassinet is then easily converted {we did it at home – no trip to the store required!} into a seat that can face towards you or outward, and can recline to 3 different positions – One straight up, one middle, and one lying down for mid-walk naps. My baby used it as a bassinet for the first 2 months, then I used it with a car seat {see next note} through about age 6 months, then at 6 months I used the seat facing towards me, and between 9-12 months I transitioned to using the seat facing outwards.
  • The stroller is Carseat adaptable when you purchase a converter. I had the Chicco ‘KeyFit 30’ Infant Car Seat so I purchased this Bugaboo / Chicco converter {they make converters for other brands as well!}.
  • The stroller accommodates kids through 37½ lbs, which is equivalent to the average 3.5 year old! Hands down, we will have this baby for a while.
  • The stroller weighs 21 lbs. which is very light for such a durable multi-functional stroller {the Uppa Baby Vista, a close competitor, weighs 25.5 lbs.}. Even though I am a small person, I manage to disassemble and reassemble fine on my own.
  • The stroller is 20″ wide {the Uppa Baby Vista is 25″ wide}. The narrower and the slimmer, the better in my opinion – I have no trouble fitting through any doorways!
  • The underneath storage would probably be my only semi-complaint. The actual basket area beneath the seat {which is actually more like a bag than a basket} is a tight space should I want to go grocery shopping or through a bunch of shopping bags underneath. I usually can only fit 2 bags under the stroller and then hang the remainder off of the back.
  • The last thing I love is that you can choose custom fabric colors for your boygirl, or neutral! I went with the neutral color!

So if you are on the hunt for the perfect everyday stroller, I hope this helps in some of your decision making! I am BEYOND happy with mine!!

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