Kitchen Updates for 2019

Updating our Breakfast Nook

Updates to our Kitchen for 2019

A few months ago on Instagram Stories I shared my concerns with our breakfast nook (a cute little space off of our kitchen where we placed our round breakfast table). While it was a beautiful space (with windows on all walls overlooking the backyard), we had two issues.

#1 There were a set of hanging cabinets that blocked the view into this room, making the space feel small, so we used it less often than I hoped. And #2 most importantly, the cabinets blocked a great portion of the sunlight that came into the kitchen, and just as importantly, blocked our view of the backyard. As our kids have gotten older this was becoming more and more of an issue because the kids love to run outside and start playing while I am still finishing up in the kitchen, so a view is crucial! While I loved the extra storage from the cabinets, I knew it would be a dramatic change if we eliminated them.

Here is a picture (not a great one sadly) of the before:

I began a series of polls on instagram, as well as sought the advice of family and friends for my decision. In the end everyone agreed that it was best to remove the cabinetry, so we went for it. I have to thank those of you for your incredible feedback. To be honest, I was pretty much the only one with any hesitation!

Today I am excited to reveal this fresh and bright new look, which we absolutely love. We are using this “nook” more than ever and even using the small landing as a buffet space. The kitchen is so light and I love that I can be cooking and have a direct view to the backyard.

Before and After…

Before you scroll… I know the TV is an eye sore BUT my husband only agreed to go through with the construction if we put in a TV so on the off chance we was cooking (let’s be serious, it’s once a year!), he could have a game on! In reality though, it has worked out just fine because it doesn’t affect any of the views of the backyard AND on the occasional time it’s a very hectic morning, I can throw on a cartoon for the kids while I am making breakfast.

Here’s the after…

The other perk – you can finally appreciate the light fixture in the room! See all the details on this Craftmade light fixture in this post.

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A look at the rest of our kitchen… 

See all the details for our kitchen in this post. Hope you liked this little reveal! See more of my home in our Home Tour Section.

Photography by Yesi of Simply Lively 

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