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21 Drops Oils

Ever since I got pregnant for the first time I have gradually changed my lifestyle to become healthier. I gave up artificial sweeteners {I cannot believe I used to use 2 and a half splendas in my coffee and now use none!}, I started eating primarily organic {check out this FH post where I got advice on what organic foods are most important to splurge on}, and I swapped as many over the counter medicines for all natural remedies as possible. Three years ago if a headache or migraine hit, I immediately ran for 2 tylenol and a can of soda to wash it down {oh, I now maybe drink 1 soda a month… another thing I gave up!}. More recently when a headache hits I try a variety of natural remedies like massages {a huge perk of living in New York City where every local nail salon offers 10 minute massages for $15}, herbal teas, and 21 Drops aromatherapy oils.

If you are not familiar with 21 Drops then I am excited to introduce you because my cousin Cary, a Licensed Massage Therapist and certified Aromatherapist, is the founder. 21 Drops is a collection of aromatherapy oils made from 100 percent natural essential oil blends sourced from either wild-crafted or organically grown plants. They have formulas for sleep, headache, de-stress, and invigorate {my four favorite} but also equally as popular are the decongest, immunity, and detox! From ailments to overall healthy living, they can be used daily!

21 Drops All Natural Headache Oil

To use the drops, simply pick your oil {check out options here or even better are their sets} and dab a few drops of oil whenever you need a mood enhancer. From your temples, back and sides of your neck, collarbone, to right under your nose, each one comes with directions for the best method. Simply breathe in deeply and take in the soothing aromas to begin the healing process.

I was beyond thrilled when my cousin told me I could even rub a bit of the ‘sleep’ oil on Baby Brooks’ feet at night {he is not a great sleeper} or that I could rub a bit of the ‘focus’ on my temples rather than that extra afternoon coffee! So for those of you out there who are hunting for a new healthy and all-natural way to heal or simply enhance your well-being, I recommend you check these out!

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