June, 2018


June 27, 2018
Recently I went on vacation with a group of friends and we attempted to make Frosé. We went online, found a recipe, followed the steps, and much to our dismay, the outcome was less than mediocre. Since the trip I have asked around and browsed online for a better recipe… and eventually I came across this one. Simple to make and...

Summer Beauty Essentials

June 25, 2018
So it’s been FOREVER since I posted a beauty article on my blog, but truthfully I am a beauty junkie at heart. I live for products; I have my Sunday night facemasks, my bi-weekly hair masks, own about 5 de-puff eye creams, and am a sucker for the latest in bronzers. So today I wanted to share a bit of...

Crostini 3 Ways

June 20, 2018
Recently I did a poll on instagram whether you guys wanted me to share more recipes on the blog, and 80 percent of you responded yes!! So I thought about what type of recipes I would share and concluded with more easy appetizers. I love nothing more than to have a small spread of food out on my coffee table...
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