1. The All-Clad Prep&Cook

    I know I say it often … but I am not the best cook. I love to set the table and I love to host guests but I am usually so busy prepping the house and tablescape or tending to the kids, that I have little time or energy set aside to prep and cook a beautiful meal. So when I read about the new All-Clad Prep&Cook cooking food processor, an all-in-one appliance that cuts, prepares, and cooks food, making everything from gourmet sauces, to soups, to simmering, to slow cooking, to steaming, with the capability to make pastries and desserts, it sounded a little too good to be true!

    Well this Mother’s Day, my All-Clad Prep&Cook gift came early, and I couldn’t wait to test it out. We try to eat healthy especially on the weekdays so I found a recipe on the All-Clad website for Salmon and Saffron Rice… and the best part, you make the rice and salmon at THE SAME TIME in the SAME COOKER! One machine, a clean kitchen, and little work. This finally sounded like something I could pull off {and would be fancy enough to serve alongside my tablescapes!}!

    To make my steamed salmon and saffron rice, I did the following in the All-Clad Prep&Cook: First I set the cooker into dicing mode to dice up my onions, peppers and garlic. Then I set the cooker to simmer mode and poured my rice, olive oil, chicken broth, and saffron right on top of the veggies. Lastly I set the cooker to steam mode and steamed my salmon right in a steam basket {see below!} right on top of the rice. Once the salmon was ready, the whole meal was complete, hot and ready to eat, and best of all, left my kitchen spotless!

    I followed this You-Tube video on the All-Clad site and I have to say every recipe on there looks AMAZING!!

    I could not believe that making dinner could be this easy!! For those of you looking for the perfect gift for fellow moms who are just a tad bit short on time for dinner prep, I highly recommend splurging on this gift!!

    A little bit about All-Clad:

    All-Clad is the undisputed cookware choice of top restaurant chefs and serious home cooks. Born in the United States steel age in 1967 as Clad Metals, All-Clad originally specialized in formulating bonded metals for a variety of industries. Since it was established as All-CladMetalcrafters in 1971, every piece of its bonded cookware has been handcrafted through a revolutionary process, using a proprietary recipe of metals to provide the best cooking performance. Today, All-Clad’s signature cookware continues to be proudly handcrafted by American artisans in Canonsburg, Pennsylvania, with American-made steel the same way it was four decades ago. No detail is overlooked in crafting All-Clad cookware, and that is what makes it a true original. All-Clad Metalcrafters offers several collections of bonded cookware, kitchen tools, electrics, and gourmet accessories. See them on the All-Clad website.

    Photography by Yesi of Simply Lively

    Thank you to All-Clad for sponsoring this post.
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