1. Create the Prettiest Dessert Bar and Chilled Affogatos


    I am just loving sharing Holiday Dessert ideas {see more here} so today I created a classic coffee dessert with a Miami twist. I am taking the popular affogato drink – a mixture of ice cream and coffee – and giving it an extra cool new ring. In Miami we want to cool down {even in December} so I took my china tea cups {similar} and filled them with vanilla frozen yogurt to start. Next up, cold Starbucks Double Shot Espresso & Cream on top {the classic recipe calls for hot espresso or a dark brew}. For a little extra, I topped the finished cup with chopped Lindt chocolates in peppermint flavor!! I love that not rather than a drink, it become a delicious dessert! (Not a fan of espresso? Equally as yummy is the cold Starbucks Mocha Frappucinos on top)! Serve alongside a dessert tray of cheese {here I did Brie with candied walnuts on top}, strawberries, seedless red grapes, and enjoy!


    Photos by Yesi of Simply Lively


  2. Peppermint Rimmed Latte DIY and Festive Hot Chocolate

    When it comes time for Christmas dessert, there’s nothing better than a hot coffee, cappuccino, or hot chocolate to end the meal. So this Holiday season I thought I would surprise guests and serve up these after-dinner-drinks with a little something special. I love how festive garnishing can make all the difference. So for today’s post I wanted to share how I created two holiday drinks – first a peppermint rimmed latte and second, a marshmallow topped hot chocolate! Read on for how I made mine in a few easy steps. How to make these Peppermint rimmed glasses: My biggest tip – do…

  3. DIY Holiday Place Cards

    Bouquet for Placecard setting Idea and DIY Christmas Decorations

    Looking to add an easy and crafty twist to your holiday table? Look no further than your backyard or grocery store for rustic, yet elegant inspiration. These four place settings set the perfect seasonal tone for your guests {and look great mismatched or done simply one way}. 1. Buy a bunch of fresh rosemary stalks {or use what’s leftover from one of your yummy recipes, like this citrus cocktail} and tuck an individual sprig under a ribbon. Here I tied a 2-inch wide ribbon in a soft gold hue and tucked the rosemary just off to the center. 2. Head to your backyard or…

  4. Christmas Dessert Bar & DIY Popcorn Station

    Hot Chocolate station for Christmas by Fashionable Hostess

    This Christmas I wanted to create a new spin on dessert that guests would remember well into the new year. It was time to think outside of the box… I was bored of the obvious options of cakes and cupcakes and I wanted something that left guests saying, “Wow, now that was cool!” So today is the big reveal… A dessert bar complete with minty Hot Chocolates and a DIY Popcorn Station. These fun desserts combo’d with the festive display should do just the trick! Shopping Essentials: So first we need to review your list of shopping essentials to put…

  5. Create the sweetest Holiday dessert station

    End your Holiday gathering with a delicious and decadent dessert station. Make it extra special by incorporating some of these fun and festive tips! To create this adorable set-up I partnered with Pier 1 to create the sweetest {pun intended} display of treats. FH Tips: Rather than using your kitchen counter to display dessert, pull out a bar cart or serving tray to make a sweet presentation of all your delicious desserts. You can pull this alongside your dining time or set it up by the fireplace for a warm nightcap! Create a Hot Chocolate Station. Prep hot cocoa in Abigail mugs…

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