1. Cozying up with the DockaTot

    As I shared on my instagram, we welcomed baby number three, our little boy Dane, on August 31st, 2017. A bit of a bumpy start, Dane was born three weeks early with premature lungs and spent the first 14 days of his life in the NICU. Thankfully though, we were finally able to bring our healthy baby boy home on September 14th. Bringing home Dane was one of the happiest yet nerve-wrecking days of my life; I was so grateful to finally have a healthy baby, but I was also nervous and shaken by everything we’d been through. Needless to say I was ready to be back home in our safe and serene environment. I will share more about Dane’s arrival at a later date though because today I want to focus on how things have been since being home and a special product that has helped along the way.

    While I created the most beautiful nursery for Dane {I hope you saw my nursery tour and if you missed it, click here}, we haven’t spent too much time in his room because 1. I am nursing so he has been sleeping in a bassinet in our room and 2. With two other children under the age of four, I still need to be all over the house taking care of them, which means toting the baby along for the ride. So, because Dane has spent so much time tagging along, whether it’s in the kitchen, the playroom, or on my bathroom floor while I shower, I have become obsessed with my DockaTot.

    I have to tell you that SO MANY people raved about the DockaTot when I was pregnant and I was not sure what to think of it. It seemed so simple…a portable lounger that wasn’t a swing, how and why would I use it? Well, let me tell you, I use it ALL DAY LONG.

    The website calls it a “multi-functional lounging, playing, chilling, resting and snuggling dock you can take anywhere” and it’s really just that. I place it on our kitchen table in the morning and plop Dane inside while we are cooking breakfast and eating. I place it on the floor of the playroom when the kids are playing and the baby is napping. I place it on our bed at night when we are watching TV and he is just sort of hanging out. I love that when he’s inside of it, I don’t have to worry he’s on our big bed/or on our floor unprotected {and while he doesn’t roll yet, you never know!!}, plus the coziness is quite soothing to him.

    It’s so lightweight that carrying it room to room is much easier than dragging a big swing or rolling a stroller or bassinet {especially since I live in a two story house!!}. I also like that the cover can easily removed to clean in the washing machine should your baby spit up. I even toss it in the car to bring when we go to my mom’s house! We are just starting tummy time but I also  read that you can use the edges for propping up the baby on his arms.

    So long story short, I am loving my DockaTot and for sure put it on my Baby Shopping List for fellow friends and moms! Oh, and how cute is Baby Dane?! I am such a proud mamma! I can’t wait to share more photos of this little angel on the blog!!

    Photos by Yesi of Simply Lively Photography

    Thank you to DockaTot for partnering on this post.


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