Skip Hop Explore & More Activity Center

Sit, swivel, bounce & play.

I was so excited when SkipHop sent me the Skip Hop Explore & More Baby’s View 3-Stage Activity Center for Dane. For some reason this baby prefers to be upright {I am not kidding, he HATES being on his back}, so once he was sturdy enough to keep his head up {around 4 months old}, we plopped him in this Activity Center to see what he thought.

The final image in this post says it all, because he couldn’t be happier. At first Dane loved playing {ie. smacking} whatever was in front of him, but within a few times he realized he could pull and slide himself over to the next activity. Of course I also love anything that plays music and the piano section has a few sweet tunes. My pediatrician told me that while Dane loves to “stand” when we are holding him, to be careful to not over-do it… so we started by putting him in the activity center for 10 minutes at a time… gradually we now have him at 15 minutes twice a day {he’s currently 6 months}.

A lot of my readers are based in NYC in apartments, and I have to say this purchase is perfect for those of you tight on space because this isn’t just another larger bouncer…. Once your baby grows, the activity center transforms into a table for them to cruise or ultimately sit and enjoy drawing and crafts!

I have to say, this baby product is FH approved for my little one!

Thank you to SkipHop for partnering on this post.



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