Spring Kick-Off Dinner Party

No tablecloth… Rich colors… Endless texture… Not sure who I think I am right now! Ha. But seriously, I have been craving COLOR since mid-winter, so once I found this runner at Homegoods and an assortment of bright blooms to match, I figured why not kick off Spring with a table with a bit of pizzaz!

So as I said, it all started with this woven textured runner. I haven’t used a runner on my table in a LONG time and I must say I forgot how awesome runners are. They really give your table so much character {and are so easy to trade out from dinner party to dinner party!}! I wanted my colorful runner to pop, so I displayed it contrasted to my wooden table versus my usual assortment of white tablecloths!

On a bare table I always like to place a charger or a placemat under my plates to frame the space. Here I placed Kim Seybert Jackson Placemats which are embellished with plastic and glass beads – so springy and funny. For my plates, I chose crisp white Baroque Dinner plates that have a beautiful edge! I also love that the white ties back to the white vases and ceramic stars running down the center.

Because this table is airing on the side of casual and fun, I loved the idea of a funky flatware to compliment, so these by Kim Sebert were just what I had in mind.ย Crystal-like as if carved from ice, this striking flatware complements a variety of table settings, and best of all, is dishwasher safe.

Because both my runner and my flowers are so bright, I wanted to add another colorful element to my table. While searching my kitchen I came across these sweet pink dishes {which I originally bought with the intention of using for ice cream}. I thought to myself, what a fun and different way to serve a small salad! I will share the yummy salad I ended up making, a medley of beets and cherry tomatoes, in an upcoming post! {Here is a similar pink footed dish since these are no longer available!}

Lastly but not least I want to share more about the flowers. I am INCREDIBLY proud to share that I made these arrangements myself! I simply brought the runner with me to the flower shop, bought about six different types of flowers that were colors that matched back to colors in the runner, came home, and mixed and matched the beautiful mess into three vases. I chose a mix of ranunculus, anemones, and lavender. Because I have no formal training in floral arranging, I found that by keeping the arrangements loose and unkept looking, it actually looked really pretty…. but in all seriousness, it’s hard to mess up an arrangement when flowers are this pretty!

So there you have it, a table worthy of gathering friends to kick off a new season!

Get the colorful look:

Photography by Yesi of Simply Lively