Pink Floral Arrangement Inspiration

Pale Pink Peony

As of late I have been obsessed with girly pink bouquets! It probably in part has todo with the various weddings I have attended {envision a ballroom filled with Peony arrangements… heaven!}. So I decided for this “Friday Fascinations” to curate a group of some of my favorite pink flower assortments – some pale pink and simple, while others bright with fabulous vases and tablecloths to boot.

If you are anything like me, you love to save a few photos on your phone before heading to pick up fresh flowers {I always do this prior to my weekly visits to the New York City Flower District}. I find it much easier to show the shop-keeper a photo of what you want to create than trying to articulate it! Hell, I don’t even know half of the names of the flowers I love!

Hopefully some photos from this post will make the list the next time you head on your merry way! Oh, and if you are in wedding planning mode and need wedding flower inspiration {aka. are obsessed with pink wedding flowers}, head to my Instagram. Lately it’s been a wedding frenzy!

Pink Peonies in Vintage
Wedding Arrangements with
Hydrangeas and Pink
Black and White Table
Bright Pink Floral