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Last weekend I came home from my best friend’s wedding in the Berkshires, to find my wine fridge had turned off at some point while I was gone. Incredibly concerned that over 40 bottles, from white wine to champagne, head been affected {or worse, spoiled!}, I immediately hopped on an email with friends and founders of Wine Company Drink Uproot to see what they thought. They gratefully answered my question {Woohoo! My bottles are fine!}, as well as answered a few other questions I had been sent from readers! I hope this Wine Questionnaire puts all of your wine and spirits questions to rest!

1. How long does wine last once opened?

Typically an open bottle of wine will last about 3-5 days depending on storage and wine varietal. There are certain varietals that last longer than others and often the older the wine (10+ years) the faster you should drink it once it’s opened.  Keep in mind, sparkling wines are totally different and can’t be saved once they are opened.

2. What is the best way to preserve an opened bottle of wine?

We recommend picking up a wine Vacuum kit.  These run as little as $10 and will help you remove oxygen from the bottle.  Also store the open bottle of wine in the refrigerator; it slows the reaction between oxygen and the wine.  Or you could just drink the wine faster.

3. Should you always pair red wine with meat and white wine with fish?

No, those rules are antiquated.  You should try to challenge authority.  Though we’ve been taught to only drink red wine with meat and white wine with fish, I’ve always thought that you should drink what you are in the mood for. 

4. My husband likes Sauvignon Blanc and I like Pinot Grigio. Is there something in between that you recommend?

There are many different varietals out there – something that are ‘between’ Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Grigio include Vino Verde, Albarino, Grenache Blanc and Unoaked Chardonna.

5. What temperature should I put my wine fridge on? 

Some wine refrigerators have two zones, one for white wine and one for red wine.  If you are lucky enough to have one like this I would recommend setting the white zone between 49 and 55 and then for the red wine I would set it for 55 – 60 degrees. If your wine fridge only has one zone set it to 55.

6. My wine fridge stopped working… are my wine and champagne ruined if they went from cold to room temperature?

You should be fine. The wine and fridge probably stayed cold for 24 hours+ and it probably wasn’t at room temperature too long. As long as it didn’t hit the high 80’s, you shouldn’t have anything to worry about.

7. What is the difference between Champagne and Prosecco? 

Sparkling wines across the world are typically distinguished by region: Champagne – France, Prosecco – Italy, and Cava – Spain.  They are all forms of sparkling wine but the names tell you where in the world they were produced. More specifically, each region has its own rules about the grapes that are allowed in each varietal.  

8. Truth or myth: Does Champagne need to be stored on its side?

Wine and oxygen have a very fragile relationship, wine needs just the right amount of oxygen, too much and you got vinegar, too little and it won’t age well.  This is where the cork comes to into play. The cork is the referee keeping the right amount of oxygen in the bottle, but in order for the cork to work, it can’t dry out. By keeping the bottle on its side it helps to ensure the cork won’t dry out as liquid hits it and keeps it moist.   

Thanks Jay and Greg for the fabulous answers! Make sure to check out his incredible wine selection at

Uproot Wine: Savignon Blanc, Grenache Blanc

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