December, 2015

Alouette Wine & Cheese Pairings

December 28, 2015
Whether you need easy snacks around the house for out-of-town guests or are looking to prep a cheese platter for cocktail hour guests, cheese and dips are a necessary item for your fridge. So for today’s post I have partnered with Alouette Cheese, because from individual size cheese spreads which are great for snacking, to veggies and cheese dips which...

New Years Essentials

December 25, 2015
With New Year’s around the corner you need to stalk up on shimmery essentials to prep you for your evening of party hosting! Here’s a look at everything gold and shimmery you need to make it a sparkling fun evening!

Holiday Old Fashioned

December 24, 2015
Right before you begin your Christmas merriment I wanted to share a fabulous Holiday cocktail which was actually given to me by the blogger “The Kentucky Gent” a male lifestyle blogger! I know I typically am all about sharing things that are pretty, pink, and girly on my site, but today I thought this could be a rare and unique opportunity to get...
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