1. Entryway: Adding a Bench & Art

    grey woven bench

    Your entryway is the first thing people see when they enter your home, so what do you want it to say about you? I was very torn when styling my new home because I wanted it to scream sleek and cool like my dining room shelves, but I also wanted it to feel cozy and inviting, similar to the vibe of my old apartment {I do have a family to cater to!}. So I found a nice balance between the two looks by combining modern art and an organic woven bench… read on for how I pulled it all together.

    entryway decorating ideasIndian design Woven Silver Bench by ShopHDB.com, Shop HDB.com

    I started with a dramatic piece of canvas art {measuring 45″ x 30″} by artist Oliver Gal. The image I chose, entitled ‘Caviar Kiss’, is a cool mix between a photograph and painting with a hand brushed acrylic finish. Also important was that it was gender neutral – while lips can seem feminine, my husband approved because the colors were rich and metallic. To balance this bold piece, I chose a traditional Indian design Woven Silver Bench from ShopHDB.com. I love that the legs are made from sustainable wood, while the woven top is from recycled silver rope. Benches are great in entryways because you can throw guests’ bags and shoes beneath them, you have a place to sit if you need to take off your boots, and my favorite part  is that you can use them as a beautiful display place for pillows. I kept with my neutral theme and chose a mix of fabrics, prints, and textures. 

    Neutral Pillows, tribal print pillowsModern Bohemian Entryway, foyer decor ideas

    Hope you love this new addition. For other rooms in my home, visit my Interiors section.

  2. Eating Paleo while Pregnant

    Being pregnant is such a special time in your life, but between cravings and morning sickness, eating healthy may not be easy, especially if you are considering becoming or continuing a Paleo friendly diet. So many people are going Paleo these days for health reasons, especially to help limit processed foods, but is being Paleo while preggers posing a dilemma? ? Jackie Tane, dietitian and co-founder of Skinny Soiree, is here to give Paleo Friendly (“PF”) Preggers Tips to ensure you and your baby get the proper nutrients needed for a healthy pregnancy! So first off, what is the Paleo diet? In a nutshell,…

  3. Pregnancy Safe Exercises

    Guest Nutritionist Post by Casey Simmons {Bio Below}: “Hi Ladies! I know we all wish we could look as healthy and beautiful as the Fashionable Hostess with her adorable belly so I’m going to share the most pregnancy safe exercises with you to help you get that fabulous glow she gives off so well! Maybe you’re used to being active, maybe you’re not, but when those extra baby pounds are showing, you want to make sure to keep yourself and that bundle of joy in there as healthy as possible. Not only will exercise help you lose those pounds quicker post-pregnancy,…

  4. Pregnancy Essentials Giveaway

    I am excited to co-host a “Pregnancy Essentials Giveaway” curated by Mommy and Pregnancy Gurus/Bloggers, Karen of My Chic Bump, Blakely of Eloise & Me, and Me! See all of the things we crave during Pregnancy come together in one fab list! A $25 gift card to Pink Blush Maternity – A one-stop-shop for comfy and stylish maternity clothes. Blakely says, “Dresses are the way to go while pregnant! With a dress you have a quick outfit & nothing to squeeze/irritate the waistband. I have been living in my long, comfy maxi dress this pregnancy.” A set of Belly Buds – As seen on Modern Family, Shark Tank,…

  5. 6 Months Pregnant – Mixing Harem Pants + Baby Bumps

    Fashionable Hostess in Old Navy Tank, Levis Denim Jacket and Zara Harem Pants

    Sometimes it is so damn hard to be trendy while pregnant. My “go-to” style when slim, as can be seen in my “Dress on Trend” section, is a loose top with skinny jeans {envision the Conway Top from A.L.C. with J Brand skinnies}, but wearing too loose of a top when pregnant can just make you look huge. So buh-bye to silk flowy blouses! On the other hand, wearing a tight top with tight bottoms, I feel like I am being too risqué, not to mention way off trend {unless I am going for the Miley Cyrus look, NOT!}. So what’s a girl…

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