Summer Cheese Plate

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Come Spring and Summer I love to make a few updates to my usual cheese platter, and this one is truly a hit. Rather than a heavy and creamy winter cheese, I chose light mozzarella balls marinated in olive oil, red pepper flakes, and fresh parsley. {These balls are great for sharing when served with toothpicks!} A sweet and juicy addition to the platter which are incredibly refreshing for a hot day are freshly sliced Asian Pears. Then for a healthy and weight-conscious crunch I love Simple & Crisps {dried fruit chips} over crackers; here I chose their apple flavor to tie in with my color scheme. And then no platter of mine is complete without green olives; just don’t forget to place a small glass dish alongside them for yours pits!

Mozzarella Balls, Green Olives, and Simple & Crisps Platter // FashionableHostess.comThe Perfect Summer Cheese Plate //

To create this beautiful platter at home, I used my Mallorca Oval Marble Server from Crate and Barrel as my base. I then took one of my Michael Aram Molten Mini Snack Dishes and placed my olives in there, and then used a silver pedestal bowl {similar to this one by Julia Knight} for displaying my marinated mozzarella balls. On either side of the platter I laid out Simple & Crisps and fresh sliced Asian Pears. Lastly I arranged my toothpicks in both my cheese and olives. Tada, enjoy!

Cheese Platter is served //


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