Weekend Todo List

Fashionable Hostess summer ideas - drink champagne and talk about it

It’s the weekend, so what’s on your todo list? Hopefully something that’s productive right? This summer, when I am actually home and not traveling I have been making an effort todo something out of the ordinary, change things up a bit! Hopefully something in today’s post will do the same for you! Cheers to the weekend! {Oh, and this amazing canvas clutch is from Parris Chic Boutique!}

Fashionable Hostess summer ideas - organize your kitchen

Number 1: Organize your kitchen! I had the pleasure of having The Home Edit organize my kitchen when I first moved into my house, but I have to say that at least once a month I have to stop and re-arrange because somehow everything has gotten mis-placed. While organizing, take the time to think about what actually works for you. Is your oven mitt near the oven? Are your coffee cups near your Keurig? Do you have dishes you never use on the reachable shelves? It’s time to get to work!

Fashionable Hostess summer ideas - splurge on gorgeous flowers

Number 2: Surprise a friend with a stunning bouquet of flowers. It will totally make your friend’s day {and if you just so happen to buy yourself a matching one, that wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world!}.

Fashionable Hostess summer ideas - Make a fab #shelfie

Number 3: Now that you have fresh blooms, give flower arranging a go {I have some great tips in this post}! I am especially into mini votive arrangements that I love placing throughout the house, on bookshelves, on my closet vanity, on my desk, or in my powder rooms. Make sure to buy a minimum of three different flowers to make the arrangements rich. Oh, and if you are feeling uber adventurous, give a flower crown a go with the help of this post.

Fashionable Hostess summer ideas - Create a Summer bar cart display

Number 4: Splurge on pretty glass drinks like pellegrinos and lemonades… just because! Something about the glass makes me feel like I’m treating myself, and can dress up your dinner party drinks in an instant! Sometimes in the summer I like to place extra bottles around the kitchen as a decor accent, or on the bottom tier of a bar cart {like in this post!}.

Fashionable Hostess summer ideas - Host a fancy brunch

Number 5: Host a fancy brunch! Get out your china, coupe glasses, and table runners, and serve delicacies like home-made quiche, scones, or cobbler. This perfectly pink picture comes for an FH brunch I hosted for Mother’s Day, but other great ideas are a garden party theme or a tea party theme.

Fashionable Hostess summer ideas - Make an over the top cocktail

Number 6: Bring back the punch bowl, alcoholic or non-alcoholic! There are so many yummy fruits available at your local farmers market or grocery right now that you can really have fun with this. Splurge on a fabulous punch bowl, slice up an assortment of fruits, and pick a recipe {like this one I made for Lauren Kelp’s blog!}. Not into the whole punch bowl idea? How about a Sangria Bar or Strawberry Margherita pitcher?!

Fashionable Hostess summer ideas - enjoy a glass of wine on the porch

Number 7: It’s been a long week, kick back and enjoy a glass of champagne or wine on the back porch! Hope this weekend is a good one!

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