Water Resistant: Sandy Survival Guide

Water Resistant: Sandy Survival Guide

Water Resistant by fashionable-hostess

Living in New York City through Hurricane Sandy has been less than enjoyable (not to mention less than Fashionable). Each time I headed outdoors to brave the storm, I found myself tossing on my husband’s spare windbreaker and grabbing my cheap Duane Reade Apt 5 umbrella. I realized that as much as I was shielding my body from the rain, I was working equally as hard to shield my face, since no respectable FH should be seen in public in such dis-array (even with the excuse of a hurricane!). It was in those moments of shame that I found that there was in fact a silver lining on this storm’s dark cloud. And the lining… spare time to go shopping online for the cutest and most practical water-resistant gear on the market, so the next stormy or rainy day, I will look more FH Fashion Appropriate. So FH fans, check out my favorite weather-proof finds… Let’s just say that in this combo, the next stormy day I plan to be turning heads, and I don’t mean due to the gusty winds! Be Safe!!

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