Preparing for Baby: Some Favorites

Preparing for Baby: Some Favorites

Baby Favorites by fashionable-hostess

This past weekend my husband and I went on a romantic Baby-Moon to Philadelphia. {For those of you aren’t aware, a “Baby Moon” is a mini honeymoon for you and your hubby before the baby arrives.} After a quick Amtrak ride (thanks to a 1-hour episode of Homeland), I stepped off the train feeling refreshed to be out of the hustle and bustle of New York City, and ready to conquer the town. The trip’s itinerary included lounging in our luxurious Rittenhouse Hotel, eating at some of Philly’s finest restaurants (including Alma de Cuba and Audrey Claire), but of course I was most excited about taking some time to stroll through some of the most beautiful and precious baby stores, my favorite being The Children’s Boutique. It occured to me while I hugged the plush toys and brushed my face with luxurious Chenille blankets, that as much as I love shopping and registering online, there is something truly special about being face-to-face with some of the pieces that may one day be my baby’s favorites. Of course I kept my iPhone on hand so I could take notes and pictures of my very favorites, so I would remember all of these luxuries as I sat back at my desk computer. So, here we are, some of my favorites that have been added to my Registry and wish-list…

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