Valentine’s Day Mailbox DIY

In my last post I shared how I will be setting my kids room for Valentine’s Day Breakfast. Amongst the waffles and gifts, you may have caught a glimpse of the mini mailboxes I made for each child, containing little Valentine’s Day treats and cards. So today I wanted to share how I made these sweet boxes {and where I purchased the items} because these are such a special way to display candies and notes for your little ones.

What you need: A Tin MailBox, Letter StickersFelt Hearts, Super Glue, and Valentine’s Candies. Start by labeling each mailbox for each child. I chose a single letter {ie. an “R” for Reese} and placed the letter on the flag. Next, use your super glue to layer felt hearts and stickers on the side of your mailbox. Lastly, fill your mailbox with Valentine’s candies, mini cards, and more. The kids will love their “love letters” on Valentine’s Day morning!


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Photography by Yesi of Simply Lively



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  1. Amanda,
    My niece got a little mailbox in her preschool class on Valentine’s Day a while back. She’s 7 now. When my mom visits them on her last day she leaves a little note and a Hershey kiss in the mailbox on her way out. It is definitely one of my niece’s favorite things she still talks about. I’m sure your kids will love theirs just as much.

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