Valentine’s Day Breakfast for the Kids

Now that my kids are getting older and want to be a part of the Valentine’s Day celebration, I have started the new tradition that Valentine’s morning is focused on the kids while Valentine’s night is my romantic time with my husband. So to make this year’s Valentine’s Day celebration extra special, I created the sweetest breakfast display for the kids in Reese’s Room! I must tell you that they are ecstatic at the idea of eating in their bedroom rather than the kitchen; it’s such a fun treat for them! Oh, and by putting it at the table I am saving myself the disaster of a cleanup that would have taken place if I were to serve them in bed!

As you saw in my last post, I whipped out all the stops with the menu… Heart waffles {that I made in my heart waffle maker} topped with X and O’s that I made from strawberries, and other toppings of white chocolate hearts and raspberries. Then to label their plates I used these mini letter cookie cutters to write their names with melon! {By the way, my kids will eat twice as many healthy foods when they are shaped in a fun way!}. And lastly, I made fruit skewers with a heart watermelon on top!

I set the breakfast at Reese’s activity table alongside a few cute gift bags and the sweetest mini mailboxes filled with Valentine’s Day candies and stickers. {I will be sharing the DIY for these mailboxes in my next post!}.

So for those of you looking to make a special Valentine’s Day display for the kids, I created a list of all of my items below! Happy Valentine’s to your littlest loves!

Everything you need to re-create this post at home:

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