Valentine’s Day Breakfast in Bed

So I may have spent the last few posts going on and on about Valentine’s breakfast for your little ones, but for those of you without kids, I have not forgotten about you! And today I am sharing a pretty breakfast spread that will have your boyfriend/ fiance/ husband thinking he hit the jackpot!

I have to start by saying I was so excited when I found this fabulous breakfast in bed tray. For one, the gold legs look really nice, but two, the legs are functional, making it very comfy to enjoy your breakfast! Three, this tray is a great size and as you can see, can hold a good size breakfast!!

On to the menu which is heart shaped waffles, yogurt parfait, and mimosas… Nothing too fancy here. A dish of syrup to compliment the waffles, love stirrers in the mimosas, and a heart garland strung across the bed. When making breakfast for someone who is actually waiting in bed, I think it’s the simplest of breakfasts that are the most realistic! So heat up that heart waffle maker, because the perfect breakfast in bed is coming right up! I listed all the decorations for shopping below!

  • Breakfast in bed tray: here
  • Champagne flutes: here
  • LOVE drink stirrers: here
  • Heart waffler maker:Β here
  • Simon Pearce dish for yogurt: here
  • Little dish for syrup: here
  • Heart garland: here
  • Heart Gift Bag: here

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Photography by Yesi of Simply Lively





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