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Back in Spring when I gave my first living room tour, my room had a few bright accent items – from my flowers to my couch pillows. But now that Fall has rolled around I made a few adjustments to make my home seasonally ready. My goal: To swap the brights for neutrals so it would still feel airy and bright when guests walked in, but have an overall warmer Fall-feel.

What did I do to make this happen? First I started by swapping my bright couch pillows for neutral couch pillows {one of my favorites here}. Next, on my coffee table I removed my Julia Knight silver tray and replaced it with a dark wooden tray. On top I stuck with white flowers rather than bright pinks. I also added some accessories like my Verlaine Candle {I love the lid!} and a magnifying glass. On my TV stand, I took my Alessi fruit holder and swapped fresh apples for woven balls in a range of brown and olive tones which I picked up at Marshalls. The finishing touch was filling a wicker basket full of comfy throw blankets for chilly nights! The end result… mission accomplished!

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  1. Love the transformation. Thinking I may need to switch my pillows out now too! If only I had more storage space for an accessory change every season….Or do you just slip a different cover on the pillows?

    1. Hey Emily, Swapping pillows is always a great way to update your home for fall. In this case I actually swapped my couch pillows with my bedroom pillows – it gave each room a fresh look while keeping my pillow count even!

  2. I like the transformation but I have to say…it feels like your home looks so bare, almost like you just moved in or something…? I don’t see/feel much personality here, which doesn’t seem to gel w/ my impression of your style, which is usually quite expressive. I just think you need a bit more pizazz / style in this room.

    1. Sometimes a minimal and clean look is great too for a change! I may take your advice though and have some more pictures printed and put them in a collection of frames. I have been wanting to do so since Brooks was born and I think this may be the window of opportunity! Great idea

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