Thanksgiving Table

Thanksgiving Table Inspiration

This year I was especially excited to start decorating for the holidays; I would be lying if I didn’t admit that I had all of my garlands and twinkle lights ready to start hanging on November 1st!! So if you are like me and want to have some Christmas cheer around the house, but still plan to host Thanksgiving, I think I have found the perfect middle ground.

For your centerpiece take an all green garland and twirl it with twinkle lights. Then keep it in “Fall” character by sprinkling some pinecones throughout. (Save the ornaments and ribbon for December). Then add more rustic elements to your table like wooden chargers, a rich colored dinner plate, and a wooden “Thankful” sign like I did at each place setting.

The end result twinkles but still screams “Thankful”, and totally compliments any twinkling trees you may have in the backdrop! Mission accomplished!

PS- come holiday time, keep the same garland in place but swap for more colorful elements! So easy!!

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