Sleeping Solutions

with Bed Bath and Beyond

Let’s get cozy

What kind of sleeper are you? My husband is totally the overheated sleeper; every night he complains how hot he is and ends up completely out of the covers! Meanwhile I am a snow bunny; I go to bed dressed in long sleeves and socks and sleep under as many layers as possible!!

So when Bed Bath & Beyond announced themselves as the destination for an overall better sleep experience, I couldn’t wait to partner and find solutions that could work for the both of us, after all a good night sleep is everything!!

First things first they had us “identify our sleep persona.” They have a whole section on their website to help you identify what you are {see it here}. Next they have a laundry list of items they recommend for you to purchase to improve your sleep. Here is what we got:

For my over-heated husband:

  • Arctic Chill Cooling Pillows in Queen Size {here}
  • Tru Cool Foam Mattress Topper {here}
  • Try Cool Memory Foam Side Sleeper {here}

For me – the snow bunny:

  • Micro Fleece Heated Blanket {here}
  • Heated Faux Fur Throw Blankets {here}

I have to say we are obsessed with what arrived. My husband can’t believe how much a cooling pillow helped him stay cool all night. Meanwhile, I had never tried a heating blanket (it plugs in and has a remote!!), and it’s soo cozy!! And best of all, we each have our own side the way we want it but can happily sleep next to each other!!

So are you ready to improve your sleep?! Start shopping Bed Bath & Beyond now!!

Photography by Yesi of Simply Lively

Thank you to Bed Bath & Beyond for sponsoring this post.