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When my husband told me he wanted to invite some of his business associates over for dinner, he made it clear that the table needed to be elegant and sleek, rather than “frou frou” pretty. My solution: a table incorporating an array of cool mod geometric pieces and prints in a clean white and gold color palette. The only design element came from my gold embroidered linen napkins by Kim Seybert and my diamond cut placemats by Stone Textile.

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To keep the centerpiece simple, I chose a gorgeous set of crystal candlesticks by Waterford rather than flowers. Then, to give it that cool restaurant feel, I went to the Farmers Market and bought fresh whole wheat bread rolls and set them out on the table in a bread bowl alongside mini olive oil and balsamic vinegar jars. I placed a small bread plate at each person’s seat so they could add the olive oil at their leisure. One last touch that my husband especially liked was the idea of using a wine Decanter rather than placing the wine bottles directly on the table. I made sure to point out that the wine was well-aerated when we sat down to eat! 

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