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This weekend was all about baby prep… and as you can see, we made a ton of progress!! My favorite one-stop-shop for all things baby is buybuy Baby. The store carries everything from furniture, to monitors and noise makers, to strollers, to diapers, to the cutest little outfits and blankets! I registered at buybuy Baby for my first baby and have made endless trips back with baby #2 and now baby #3.

Luckily I have a lot of my larger essentials checked off my list from the first two, but there were still a few things I needed for Baby #3 that were new, updated {it’s amazing how baby brands are always coming up with new high tech items!}, and fresh! So today I wanted to share a look at my favorite buybuy Baby finds for baby #3. Seeing it all come together in the new nursery is getting me SO excited!! I can’t believe we will be a family of 5 next month!!

Baby #3 List:


Health and Grooming:

Onesies & Burp Bibs:

Bath & Towels:

Noise Maker and Baby Monitor:


Car Seat & Stroller:

Bedding & Blankets:


One favorite ‘new’ piece I want to point out is the Chicco Lullago Deluxe Travel Crib {which is really a light weight bassinet}. As a mom of soon-to-be 3 who lives in a two story house with the bedrooms upstairs but the communal spaces downstairs, I know this will be a lifesaver. I plan to keep this bassinet downstairs either in our playroom or kitchen so the baby can safely and comfortably sleep or rest {off the ground and away from my toddlers!} while I cook or play with the other kids. FYI, it is so light that I have no problem carrying it around pregnant!

Then I just had to splurge on a new car seat because let’s face it, my car seat barely made it through one baby, hardly two, and is officially disgusting no matter how many times I attempt to clean it for baby #3! The 4moms Self-Installing Car Seat is so advanced it comes with an app! The car seat verifies proper installation before every ride and even directs you to adjust the harness and headrest based on your child’s height and weight! Since I own the Bugaboo Cameleon3 Base Stroller I needed to buy the adapter for Bugaboo Cameleon Stroller.

Picking out the new items and unpacking them in the new nursery has been so much fun. I am looking forward to sharing more baby prep as the nursery is completed in the coming weeks! Stay tuned!

Photos by Yesi of Simply Lively

Thank you to buybuy Baby for partnering on this post.


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