New Kitchen Countertops

After living in our house for four and a half years, and longing to replace our kitchen countertops since the first look, we finally took the plunge this summer and I am over the moon with our new and fresh look!!! Because I know many of you love re-design projects, I am so excited to share some before and afters today, as well as a look at the quartz I chose for updating because it was such a beautiful find!!

When we moved into our home I immediately “lightened” up the kitchen to make it as bright as possible (I have always had a thing for all white kitchens!!). I painted the walls, swapped out the dark cabinet pulls, and even painted over the black backsplash (a quick fix that chips easily but was much cheaper than ripping out black stone). Of course, I couldn’t tear out the black counter tops without a big price ticket, so I lived with it for years. Here is a before look at our kitchen. Beautiful but not exactly what I dreamed of.

While I had always been a lover of the natural marble look – white counters with a beautiful and natural grey veining, it was incredibly hard to find a quartz that looked “natural” like a marble. I actually spent a year and a half visiting quartz vendors and browsing online. So you can imagine my pure surprise and excitement when I found this Unique Calcutta Gold Quartz from Compac. Here is a look at the sample as well as the actual slab I chose!! Doesn’t it look like real marble?! I couldn’t get over it. And because it’s quartz, it is so darn durable!! My kids do all the spilling they want, and I never need to worry about staining!! (And by the way, THIS IS NOT SPONSORED!!!)

After installing, I was beyond in love!! Here is a look at a before and after facing towards our kitchen cabinets. From no backsplash and dark counters to a fresh herringbone backsplash (the Thassos Herringbone Polished Marble Mosaic from Floor & Decor) and beautiful Unique Calcutta Gold Quartz counters.

Here is a look at the before and after looking towards our family room.

And here are just a few shots so you can see the beautiful white with the grey veining!!

Hope you enjoyed seeing the transformation!!