Miami Kitchen Tour

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Welcome to our new kitchen! I feel like I have shared bits and pieces on my social media, but I am excited to share the full reveal today with a run down of all the changes I made to create the finished look! I have to say that I am in love with this space! The main island is massive, making it great for dining at the bar {which we do every night!} or cooking up a storm from guests. The breakfast nook is where we enjoy our mornings with the kiddos {and I confess to even putting a TV in there so I can clean up while the kids tune into PBS kids}. In sharing this space today, I really hope to inspire you because while I completely transformed the space, I did so by making some pretty simple changes {that you could easily do in your own home!}. So here is what I did to bring this room to life!

I started by tearing out the crown molding. I know a lot of people may think I am crazy because crown molding can be so elegant, but in this space I felt like it was outdated, plus I have molding in the existing cabinets, so it seemed redundant. Immediately after removing the crown molding it felt much more modern and open, mission accomplished. Next, I moved on to painting. This room was actually yellow {even the ceiling!}, so by I chose my favorite white, White Dove by Benjamin Moore, which immediately changed the feel of the space {and made it feel much bigger!}. I was fortunate that the cabinets came as featured, in this pretty white gloss, but I did change out all of the knobs and pulls from gold round ones to slim silver bars {ie. sleek brushed nickel pulls from}. The kitchen used to be a mix of golds and silvers, so I love that I slowly transitioned the kitchen to all silver, which leads me to my next change, the lighting. I am obsessed with these oversized industrial-feel pendants from Restoration Hardware {the Benson Pendants – see here in 16″}. They make me feel like I am on the set of Top Chef, and they actually give great cooking light! As I said over and over in my last home tour, I am obsessed with lighting and it can completely transform a space, so always splurge on cool fixtures!!

Last but not least was the backsplash {see the before picture in this post}. I did something that I haven’t really seen done before and I consider it more of a temporary fix, and I painted over the existing black marble backsplash to look like an extension of the wall. Ultimately I would love to swap out the backsplash and countertop to be some version of white like our Nashville Kitchen, but for now I think painting the backsplash and covering some of the black did wonders!

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When it came to unpacking and organizing the kitchen, I was blessed with the help of The Home Edit team who swooped in from Nashville to unpack, organize, label, you name it. Did you see the coffee cup display? You should see what they did with my kid’s tupperware drawers, fine china, and endless sets of flatware. And I love how they labeled everything with white paint pens! I highly recommend them if you are moving into a new home or simply need to give your kitchen {or pantry, or closet, or entire home!} an organizational lift!

As for furniture, we went with the same pieces that we had in our last kitchen. {And can I just say how lucky we are that it all fit perfectly! My husband couldn’t be happier!!} Our breakfast table and bar stools are a custom design from New Design Furniture and my white breakfast table chairs are from Modani. Then for details, my gorgeous cake dome and flower vases are Juliska, my blue placemats are Lexington Company, and my blue kitchen utensils are Le Creuset. If you have any other questions about my decor, please contact me!

Hope you loved the tour and stay in touch as I go about my day-to-day in our home with hashtag #MiaChateauFH on social media!

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