7 Month Baby: Red Floral Dress

FHB Style: Red Floral

Have you shopped atΒ Zara Kids? Well, if not you are seriously missing out! They make miniature versions of pieces you would wear (I mean, when have you ever seen a belted dress on a baby – I die!) and the prices are ridiculously good. {Not shown here are their printed denim for babies which retail for under $18!} But back to the point which is that the FHB is totally adorable in this floral Zara dress, which if you notice she is modeling in her latest trick, “sitting up on her own.” She started sitting up at 5 and a half months (pat on her back because most babies don’t start until 6!). I felt like this dress was particularly symbolic because much like flowers bloom and blossom, the FHB is blossoming into quite the little lady. On her 6 month birthday she got two teeth out of no where! I have heard rumors that babies get fevers or cry for days but luckily she only really fussed about the pain at night when she woke up suddenly and cried from 3:45 – 5:45 am for two days in a row. When she refused a bottle – which you can tell by her chunky legs is something she would usually never turn down – I knew it was something out of the norm. But aside from keeping her mom from sleeping those two quick nights, she was really fine. And don’t you worry, she went right back to bed at 5:45 as I then had to start my day. Back to her outfit… the one downside to this little dress was that it didn’t come with matching bloomers. So I decided to go with a pair of embroidered ones that my bestie Kara got me as a gift for my baby shower. Not the perfect match, but so cute when she gets into her crawling position and her little name sticks out! As for her headband, an H & M steal! In a way this article is bittersweet because while I love it so much, I realize that my little baby is starting to look like a little person… her personality in this dress is beyond – while I stood beside her ready to catch her in case her balance went awry, she sat there giggling as if she was saying “Silly mom, I have got this under control!”

FHB Style: Red FloralFHB Style: Red FloralFHB Style: Red FloralFHB Style: Red FloralFHB Style: Red FloralFHB Style: Red FloralFHB Style: Red Floral