Create a Vanity Space in your Bedroom

FH Decor Idea: Create a Vanity

1. Fairest Of Them All Vanity Table from Urban Outfitters / 2. Stick Around Side Chair from CB2 / 3. Chemist Jars from Anthropologie / 4. Topsy-Turvy Jewelry Box from Anthropologie / 5. Mint Julep Cup Vase / 6. Pink Peonie Blossom Gift from Diane James / 7. Jonathan Adler Sugar Candle

My sister just moved into a new apartment so as per usual I assumed the role as her personal interior decorator. When seeing her bedroom for the first time I was shocked at how much space she had (especially considering New York standards). Beside her queen size bed, coffee table, and three drawer dresser, she had an entire “nook” of space that needed filling. Our immediate thought was to find a cozy chair with a small side table and lamp, but since she has a roommate, I decided she probably wouldn’t be doing much cozy-ing up alone in her room. So instead I had the brilliant idea of creating a vanity. A ‘Coco Chanel vibe” where she could keep her makeup, perfume, and jewelry. It would be practical for mornings her roommate fogged up the bathroom, leaving her a fog-free place to do her makeup. And let’s be serious, there is no counter space in New York bathrooms, so by having a new home for her makeup, it would free up tons of space for all of her skin and face products! And for nights when she plans to scour Facebook, she could simply scoot some pieces over and instantly have it double as a small desk. So on to the Vanity…

First I chose a mirrored ‘antique’ vanity because I love how classic and elegant it looks. For the chair, I kept with the classic vibe. Since it was going to be on display for everyone when they entered the room, I wanted something more special than your average desk chair. Next are all of the decorative pieces that make it pretty but functional. Chemist Jars that hold Q-tips, cotton balls, or hair ties. A silver Mint Julep Cup for eyeliners and mascaras. A topsy turvy jewelry box for necklaces, bracelets and earrings. And the final touches – a Jonathan Adler candle and a no-die flower arrangement.

I must admit that after doing this post I am getting a bit of Vanity envy myself!

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