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Calling all women suffering from cellulite or bloat… a cure has been found (and it’s not hours in the gym and days of starvation!!) Doing a double take? Nixing the fat without endless work? Sounds impossible! I was skeptical too when I was invited by the Smooth Synergy Spa in NYC to come and test out their Endermologie/ Lipomassage which reduces cellulite, contours the body and muscles, increases circulation, and detoxes toxins. While I am a pretty thin gal and cellulite isn’t much of a problem for me, I had just spent the few days prior to my appointment drinking a tad too much wine, eating out every meal, and losing site of my workouts, so I was ready to be cleaned up and get rid of some bloat.

During the treatment (which feels like a vacuum going over your body – similar to a chair massage) I got a chance to chat some with the technician about the sort of clients that come in for the treatment. She said much like women come in for pre-wedding facials and eyelash extensions, brides also love coming in for the Lipomassage so they look tighter and less bloated for their wedding weekend. She then showed me before and after pictures of new moms who had picked up some unwanted cellulite post-pregnancy. After doing the treatment consistently {you meet with a specialist who sets up a regimen} it was a shocking world of a change! They looked phenomenal.

So whether you are a bride-to-be, a new mom, or simply in a need of a clean start to your health regimen, rather than colonics and spicy juice cleanses, try a healthy diet and a visit to Smooth Synergy. They will be providing a special DISCOUNT of 20% off the first treatment when you mention you saw this post on Fashionable Hostess.

Book it: Smooth Synergy 686 Lexington Avenue,New York, NY10022|

Phone: (212) 397-0111 /  www.smoothsynergy.com

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  1. Did you know that Endermologie is completely natural and noninvasive. It restructures the skin’s
    connective tissue, stimulates blood and lymph circulation and facilitates the
    elimination of toxins.

    Visit us here.

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