Dinner Party with ChefPost

Dinner Party with ChefPost

One of the hardest parts of staying home over the last year has been eating in, night after night. I love going out to eat and in pre-covid times I would go at least twice a week. I love the experience of being served (and not cleaning up!), the experience of enjoying freshly cooked food (that I didn’t cook!), and the experience of enjoying cuisines I have no idea how to cook! So while take-out has been our one reprieve this past year, I was so so excited when I heard about Chefpost, a chance to enjoy a restaurant experience, right in the safety of your home.

When you head to the Chefpost website, you will see they offer a variety of offerings from “meal prep” to “events”. We chose the event route with an intimate dinner for 6 on our outdoor patio. First things first, we selected our cuisine (which was a Japanese inspired!), and from there they assigned me a chef (Chef Mike was awesome!), who then sent us a multiple course menu for review (see ours below).

Depending on the size of your party, they recommend you hire a server as well (we did and she did everything from help me set the table, to fill the waters, refill wine, clean dishes, I literally didn’t lift a finger – for once!!). Then on the night of the event, the Chef and server arrived (masked, of course!) 2 hours before the event with everything they needed. I sat back and relaxed while he prepped and cooked, and the server helped put the finishing touches on my table. All I had todo was get myself ready for dinner and head outside to be a guest in my own home.

The dinner and quality of the food was unbelievable. Since we chose a Japanese menu, our dinner included sushi that our Chef hand-made right in the kitchen!! I will also add that the quantity of food was fantastic portions. I was stuffed before our steak even arrived.

At the end of the dinner I popped into the kitchen to see if the chef and server needed for cleanup. I walked in to a complete immaculate kitchen with every dish and glass hand washed and dried, and the stove tops cleaned. Talk about a mother’s dream!!

So if you are looking for a “treat yourself” kind of night, a birthday dinner, a holiday dinner, a special occasion, I highly recommend testing out Chefpost for a restaurant quality experience right in your home!!

Thank you to Chefpost for partnering on this post.

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