Eight Tips to Make your Home-Made Lunch Spread Prettier!

It’s time to host friends and all you have is your normal go-to’s in your fridge. Greens for a salad, fruits for a fruit bowl, cheeses for a cheese board, and a store bought apple pie… you are panicking because it quite frankly sounds boring! Well, today’s post I hope inspires you to get creative because I started with those very same ingredients in my fridge, plus a couple packs of grocery story flowers, and voila this beautiful lunch display came to life. So today I wanted to share a few tips for how to make your lunch spread PRETTIER!

#1 Add flowers to your cheese board. As you can see below, this is the most boring cheese platter… one serving of cheese and grapes… but put an anemone on it, and gorgeous!! Any large flower in a bright color would work! Also, to make the display more elegant I ditched the normal cheese board and served on a cake stand {similar}.

# 2 Change up your normal green salad for an arugula, watermelon, and mint salad with crumbled feta on top {you can’t see, but there is in fact arugula under there}. To make sure the presentation is prettiest {and your salad doesn’t get soggy}, place your dressing {I recommend balsamic vinaigrette} in a small dish alongside the display.

#3 Store-bought pie? No problem. Take the pie out of the wrapping {yes, even the foil!} and place it on a bright colored cake stand. Next place an array of fresh flowers on top! {Just be sure to cut the stems all the way up to the bottom of the flower so the flowers lie flat!}.

#4 Turn a tray of water glasses into the fanciest drink display. Take a serving platter and lay a beautiful napkin on to{(I like the edges to hang over.} Here I used a Kim Seybert Pom Napkin but a printed napkin is pretty too. Place crystal footed glasses on top, fill with water and then top your waters with sliced lemons, grapefruits, or oranges {inside the water}. Add a lemon slice to your rim, top with a straw, and place a simple flower alongside the drinks. Done!

#5 Use fruits to add extra color to your display. Whether it’s a bowl of lemons or limes, or something you know your guests will enjoy, like cherries or grapes, display them in pretty bowls around the table!

#6 Make your sandwiches look gourmet! First things first, get out the panini press because a classic sandwich quickly becomes a mouthwatering hot griddled panini that looks oh-so-fancy. Next, abandon your usual romain or iceberg lettuce for arugula. I recommend heating your sandwich and THEN adding the arugula after!

#7 Ditch the paper napkins and get out your dinner party linens. Cloth napkins especially in a bright and beautiful print will instantly dress up the display.

#8 Go overboard with the flowers. Luckily Wholefoods was selling peonies when I went shopping so I definitely got lucky with this selection, but usually I just buy an array of pre-made arrangements, take them all apart, re-arrange them in tall, medium, and short {super delicate} vases, and place them all around the table. {Even just a single flower next to each item on the menu looks so pretty!}. H&M Home actually has an amazing selection of amazingly well priced vases if you need a bunch!

And you are done! Lunch is served!

And a few details about my patio furniture in case you are curious… the coffee table is the Frontgate Emory Teak Coffee Table and the AMAZING rug is also Frontgate and is called the Palm Lamontage Outdoor Rug.

Get the Look:

Photography by Yesi of Simply Lively