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Todo notepad from Marshalls and pink rosesHow to style your girly desk

While it’s been two years since I left my job, between two babies and pregnancies, I really haven’t been able to focus on my blog “full-time” like a lot of bloggers do when they leave work. I decided that for 2015 although I am always going to spend a good amount of time with my babies and entertaining, I really want to create a more consistent work schedule so I can truly pursue my dream of growing my business and taking it to the next level.

To get me motivated for all of the work I plan to be doing, I wanted to give my desk a makeover. One, so that it looks and feels more like me and my brand, and two, because I am inspired when I have pretty things to look at.

framed pictures by Marshallschanel lipgloss and candesHow to style your desk for the girly girl

Marshalls decided to partner with me on this project and I am so happy they did because at first I thought I was going to need to start from scratch – a whole new desk, desk chair, the works. But after browsing their home decor section, I realized by swapping out the main focal points like the art and lamp, I could acheive a whole new look!

Let me start by showing you what my “before” picture was {click here}. Simple, dark, and kind of masculine. I loved the art and lamp, but they didn’t scream FH. So what did I do to get my new girly vibe? I swapped the large black and white art for three small framed prints, each $7.99 at Marshalls {I mean seriously!!}. I loved the idea of gold as my new accent color, plus how cute is the “Paris is always a Good Idea” one?! {I am actually sorry they didn’t photograph as well and clear as I hoped!} As for the desk lamp, I traded the black industrial lamp for a small grey one {not sure of the brand} which was only $34.99 at Marshalls.

reindeer ring holderPerfumes dsiplaysHome office accents

The most fun part of course was pulling it all together by adding endless girly sweet accents, like the reindeer jewelry dish, the small picture frame, the pink and clear flower vases {which I filled with left-over flowers from my living room}, the clear pencil holder {which I filled with leftover custom straws from my FH re-launch party}, and the pretty notepads. Each Marshalls item cost under $10.00 and had a pop of pink or gold to match back to the frames.

Alongside my desk I stacked some of my favorite white and pink coffee table books with my prettiest perfume bottles {Marc Jacobs Daisy Dreams, Elizabeth And James Nirvana White, and Escada Joyful}.The finishing touch was placing a cozy cream throw blanket over my dark wooden chair – voila, no need to be replaced!

girly desk ideas

I can’t tell you how excited I am to work in my new space. In fact, writing this post was quite enjoyable, hehe. Looking forward to hearing what you think!

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  1. This is a great post as I really need to decorate my study to make it a more enjoyable space to work in… This year for me too is one to finally start building my own business and to concentrate on my blog, which goes hand in hand with it. But with two children to find the time is sometimes challenging! And I also seem to be constantly hosting guests in my house… But when there’s a will there’s a way. I wish you all the best with your goals for this year. And thank you for a lovely blog.

    Minna 🙂

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