Coffee Table Books for Spring

Miami_2-490 copyChicest Coffee Table Books

Coffee table books are probably my favorite decorative item. Whether it’s a heaping pile on a bookshelf or few with assorted colored spines on a console, they allows guests to peek into your world just that little bit, sharing your interests and aspirations. Because I am always looking to add to my endless collection, I wanted to share a few on my wish list for Spring, as well as a few of my all-time favorites. On my wish list: Assouline’s In the Spirit of Napa ValleyThe Big Book of the Hamptons and Gypset Travel because when Spring hits I immediately get the itch for Summer vacation and these fill that void! On the party-front I am eyeing New York based Jewelry designer, Lele Sadoughi’s book Pret-A-Party talking about 21st-century entertaining.

As for my all-time-favorites, I would have to say that C.Z. Guest American Style Icon is a must for those of you girly girls, while Jan Showers’ books, two of my favorites being Glamorous Rooms and Glamorous Retreats, are for for the interior design lovers. Slim Aarons’ book appeal to just about everyone {men included!}; Poolside with Slim Aarons and Once Upon a Time are definitely the most popular. I made a shoppable list below with more great picks to expand your collection!