DIY Spice Rack

March 6, 2014
When we moved into our new apartment I realized that while my kitchen has great storage for plates and bowls, it was lacking in an easily accessible space for my cooking spices. Rather than doing the logical thing of cleaning out half the spices I don’t use and just finding space for the remaining batch, I began brainstorming for ways...

Organize your Spice Rack

November 1, 2012
Nothing makes cooking easier than having your spices and utensils easily accessible. Here’s 2 easy pieces I recommend buying so you can replicate my incredibly organized spice rack area: Liberty 9 in. Hook Key Rail with 4 Hooks in White and Satin Nickel / Copco Non-Skid 3-Tier Cabinet Organizer Looking for utensils and spices to complete your area (or to get started…...

Organize Your Wine

September 16, 2013
Whenever I host a dinner party I find that the most common “thank you for hosting us” gift is a bottle of wine. As it is, my refrigerator is exploding with food and the extra bottles of wine and champagne I keep on hand in case someone pops over for a casual visit or to share exciting news. But after...
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