Black and White Christmas

Black & White Christmas

Over the last few months, I have been working tirelessly on our new house (sneak peek here) and for those of you unaware, a lot of our new home will have a black and white color palette. The house has a southern style exterior (white house and black shutters) and a similar interior with white walls and black accents, from black light fixtures to black hardware. So needless to say, this color story has been on my mind a great deal! So when brainstorming a fun and unique tree styling idea for 2021, I thought why not incorporate these colors into a tree!! And while it started as an experiment, it was one that was a COMPLETE success and one I am obsessed with, and will definitely continue for years to come.

To create my black and white styled tree, I started with a classic green tree (a 7.5 foot tree from Christmas Palace) and an arrar of black and white ornaments. Then I added in black and white striped ribbon, hung black and white plaid stockings, tied black ribbon around my gift boxes… every little detail made the setting more and more special and cohesive. So today I wanted to break down each of the elements I incorporated into this vignette in case you want to give this theme a try. It’s definitely the perfect “chic tree” to have in an entry to welcome guests to your beautiful home. Merry Christmas!!

Trees & Garlands:

Black & White Ornaments and Ribbon:

Black & White Christmas Accessories:

Glass Trees and Holiday Sparkle:

Merry Christmas Friends!! Be sure to check out my Christmas section for more inspiration!!