Inspiration for our New Home

I am so excited to start sharing inspiration for our new home that we will be moving into sometime this Fall!!

Before I get started, I feel like I have so much explaining todo, but will keep it brief since I know you would much prefer to see pretty photos than hear the story of our move. But in a nut shell, we have been itching to move from our current home to a neighborhood close by (staying in Miami!) for a while. One day we got a call out of the blue making an offer on our house and after a few days of discussing, we decided it was time to forgo the offer and list. Luckily we were under contract quite fast and on the hunt for a new home shortly after. Equally as lucky, we stumbled across the perfect new home – an adorable one story southern home in an amazing location and more land than we have now – very quickly, so I felt like I blinked and we were sold and new home owners. I know the market is crazy and you need to move fast on both fronts, but gosh it’s a whirlwind when you are living it!!

Now on to prepping for the new house because while it has amazing bones, it needs ALLLLL the FH decor and love. It will need fresh paint and light fixtures on the exterior and interior, new floors (I am currently measuring for vinyl that you can place directly on top of old floors), a new kitchen (I am working with Trimline in Miami to create a custom design), hardware updates (new doorknobs, cabinet pulls), bathroom updates (I am currently hunting for new vanities, floor tiles, the works), and probably 100 other things, so being organized with my ideas and lists has been essential (and yes, I am doing it all on my own!!).

Unlike most people who hate taking on a project, I could not wait to take on this challenge!! I think after a year of being bored (from a work and creativity perspective), I am more eager than ever to start fresh and really be challenged with my first before and after story. (Maybe I watched too much Studio McGee and HGTV over covid, but needless to say, I have drunk the kool-aid!!).

So the past few weeks I have been doing a lot of brainstorming, pinning, and measuring, and I even started sharing a few sneak peeks of my finds on my IG stories. What I am most excited about is that I want to go in a slightly different direction with this new home – edging on the side of modern cool versus my usual very traditional and elegant style. The exterior of our new house will be black and white (white house with black shutters) so I was inspired to keep this combination consistent throughout the home, making the walls a bright white, and incorporating black fixtures and hardware as an accent. I am going to use all of my furniture from my last house, so it will also be interesting (and a challenge!) to see how I transition those pieces into the space as well (does blue go with this new vibe?!?!).

So stay tuned because I will be sharing inspiration and mood boards that I create for the various rooms – from the kitchen, to our kids bathroom, and more!! But most importantly, THANK YOU for the support!! Thank you for continuing on this exciting journey with me!! It’s going to be a fun ride. Now get out your pinning tools because here’s the first dose of inspiration!


The images in today’s post are not my own. Please head to my Pinterest board to find the proper sources and credits!

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